Cyber Champ 2023

Being in a digitally connected world where everything is on the Internet, one of the most difficult tasks for the governments, organisations and individuals have become assuring the safety of our data. Malware attacks and phishing are rising every moment attacking individuals as well as organisations. India’s cyberspace is increasing in size and variety every day that India must educate and engage the younger as well as the adult generation in protecting themselves and their organisations. We believe in engaging the youth in technology development and deployment while individualising their experience and enhancing their knowledge. The only way to advance the quality of life is sharing and caring and collaborating.

We are happy to initiate Mega Cyber Awareness program “Cyber Champions” to empower the youth on cyber safety. We are planning to conduct this program in Tamil, English and Malayalam to cover a minimum of 10 Lakh students in the phase 1 (1 year). We have a plan to extend the program to wider audience to reach pan India and increase the modules.